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spArxx Genesys™

Fractal Tuning Generator

Our Patent-Awarded spArxx Genesys™ Tuning Generation System is a SaaS platform that uses our exclusive math-based Fractal Tuning algorithms to generate custom digital tuning output.

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Protect Your Music


Baked In

Copyright Protection

Start protecting yourself from copyright infringement claims before you even begin composing ... by using spArxx Genesys™ to generate a custom tonal palette for your project.

Set your music apart from the crowd. Be unique. Be different. Be a little unconventional. Open up your creative process to a whole new world of tonal color.

Our tunings are different. Exotic, but not eccentric.

And once your composition is completed, use our revolutionary new  spArxx Genesys™ Copyright Registration Service featuring our exclusive blockchain-based timestamping (TSS). Upload your unique composition, along with our Certificate, authenticating the custom tuning used to create, compose, and perform the music.  

Feed Your Muse


Fresh Neural Pathways

Our unique spArxx Tonal Palettes™ are perfect for composing, writing and creating new music, because the interwoven patterns of resonant intervals combine to nudge your mind into fresh neural pathways.

You'll hear chord progressions in a whole new context ... harmonies and melodies will sparkle with crisp potential.

Even familiar chords and fingerings will spring to life with unique possibilities and energy.

Our new spArxx Genesys™ SaaS platform can help you elevate your music-making process to a whole new world of creative expression.

Your muse will come alive!


Fractal Tuning


Integer Sequences

Our math-based tunings are rooted in core principles of curated sequences of prime-factorized Rational Number frequencies, optimized for use in digital MIDI workflows. The integer frequency values create visible targets for composers to use when modulating across a wide landscape of tonal palettes.

With 120,000 new tracks published to music streaming services every day ... it's past time for more musicians to branch out, and begin composing using  tonalities other than the 12-TET standard that has dominated western music for the past 200 years.

Join Our Tribe


Our spArxx Genesys™ SaaS is currently an early-stage prototype, so please join our mailing list if you'd like to be notified when we open up our Beta, and for other announcements.

How Does it Sound?

We fired up our spArxx Genesys™ prototype, and used it to create some tuning patches that you can purchase and download to try out for yourself! We'd love to hear your feedback, and your purchase will help us with expenses as we build out our SaaS platform.  Use this link to purchase individual tuning patches:
spArxx Tonal Palettes™ - Tuning Patches

Here's some original music that was composed and performed by Zenlo Park, using spArxx Tonal Palettes™ tuning patches:
SoundCloud Samples


Most Digital Musicians will play Fractal Tunings using:

MIDI Keyboard, MIDI Controller, MIDI Guitar, Aerophone Pro, Audio Interface, Computer/Laptop, Digital Audio Workstation, GeoShred.  Virtual Synths including: Omnisphere, U-he Zebra, Serum, Vital, Vienna Instruments, MTS-ESP Suite, many others, Autotune Plugins for vocals

For Microtonal applications:

Lumatone, LinnStrument

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